10 Top Sites to Learn Video Editing for Beginner Videographers

In today’s digital era, video editing has become one of the many essential skills that everyone is interested in. Moreover, for producing visually attractive and engaging content in this online world, a vast library of sites and courses can help to enhance your videography skills.

However, before you get into that, you must know that to seamlessly use the tools and access the sites; you must have a lag-free connection online.

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Moreover, whether you are a novice or a professional in this field, the sites discussed will help you improve your editing skills to keep up with the current trends and newly discovered techniques.

To add on that, an article on Zippia, a career planning firm with well-backed up research, has said that there are around 50,000 freelance videographers and video editors in the U.S., while there are over 27, 235 video editors currently employed in the United States.

With that, you can become a pro and know your way around video editing tools. Once you get into it, you can learn to master tools like Premiere Pro (Adobe and its Creative Suite), Final Cut, and Da Vinci Resolve. With that, you will be set with great freelancing and permanent jobs coming your way.

And in this highly rising skill set needed in many companies these days, you can be earning well, this can’t be automated completely and thus will be a high-demand skill with time. Check out the following top 10 sites that provide training and tutorials for video editors to hone your skills in video editing.

1. PremiumBeat’s Blog ─ The Beat

The blog for PremiumBeat, which is also known as The Beat, is a treasure of resources for videographers. This blog page offers beginners as well as an experienced videographer a wide range of courses on topics related to video editing.

Whether it is the basic editing technique or professional color grading and motion graphics; The Beat has got you covered. It also contains many different articles, interviews with filmmakers, software reviews, and many more.

2. Ripple Training

Ripple Training is a great resource for anyone who wants to hone their skills in video editing. This site offers many in-depth video tutorials that include Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Final Cut Pro X.

It also provides step-by-step tutorials that make the tutorials easier to understand for beginners. There are many professionals to give training and useful insights on video editing.

3. Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan is one of the very well-known experts in the world of digital media. Larry Jordan has a website that provides a vast range of useful information and also offers information about new trends, and current editing methods that include in-depth video editing classes, blogs and articles as well as webinars.

For inexperienced videographers, it is one of the go-to websites.

4. Pluralsight

Source: techradar.com

Pluralsight is famous for its top learning environment which provides a plethora of media production and video editing courses. It helps beginners in enhancing their skills through many editing programs like After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

This website has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for users to learn new skills or just enhance them with the dynamic range of projects and many more.

5. Video Copilot

Video Copilot is a well-liked site for tutorials on motion graphics and visual effects and is best suitable for beginner video editors who want to add a cinematic touch to their videos.

Video Copilot provides in-depth instruction that covers everything from eye-catching color grading courses to title sequencing that helps them become efficient in green screen compositing. It has an array of premium paid plans as well as free training projects for users.

6. Red Giant Tutorials

Red Giant Tutorials is a YouTube page that is an outstanding tool for videographers who want to enhance their videography skills. It is a well-known company that uses many popular software like Magic Bullet Looks, etc.

From visual effects to motion graphics, and color grading, it provides video tutorials for users that emphasize how to use their tools to produce excellent results.

7. Philip Bloom

Another well-discussed cinematographer and director Philip Bloom is known for his breathtaking visuals. Philip Bloom has a website where there are tons of lessons from him about videography.

Many reviews and behind-the-scenes films are also included on his website, which provides detailed information about video editing and filmmaking. Beginners as well as professionals get inspiration from Philip Bloom’s website and advance their skills through his useful advice.

8. No Film School

No Film School is a famous community of video creators, editors, and filmmakers. A comprehensive treasure trove of podcasts, videos, and articles covers a wide range of topics from industry trends and news to behind-the-scenes of the industry.

This advice and tips are useful for aspiring filmmakers and help users in picking up new editing techniques.

9. Lynda

Lynda also known as LinkedIn Learning offers various courses in video editing and media production. Lynda provides thorough instructions and guidelines that cover every aspect of the videography and editing process.

This website provides editing programs and learning for Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc. With its flexible learning structures, practical projects, and in-depth instructions, it is one of the beginner’s favorite websites.

10. Wistia Blog

Source: wistia.com

The Wistia Blog is one of the great and professional websites for videographers who want to improve their video editing skills and make captivating videos. This website focuses on storytelling projects and tutorials and provides helpful tips and methods for creating videos.

With Wistia Blog’s guidelines and advice, beginners can elevate their work and create eye-catching storylines through video editing. It is a great plus if you’re a videographer too.

Conclusive Note

In conclusion, novice filmmakers can enhance their craft of video editing from tons of guidelines and tutorials available on these best websites.

These websites give you the information and direction you need to be successful in the field of video production, whether your goals are to become an expert in a particular program, pick up new skills, or get advice from professionals in this field.

Aspiring videographers may hone their skills and produce captivating visual stories that captivate viewers everywhere with commitment and practice.